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Lux Amoris is a liturgical choir created in 2018, which aims to promote sacred singing and the training of choristers.

We do this work in a spirit of musical, liturgical and spiritual rigor. 

By putting ourselves at the service of Beauty, we seek to give the best of ourselves in order to carry the prayer of men, to give glory to God, and to allow Him to attract souls to Him. The musical work of the choir is therefore intended to be of good quality, as well as our spiritual work on the works worked on.


All levels of singers are accepted, so the enthusiasm and kindness of each allow the choir to grow in charity and community spirit.


Our work focuses on the Church's musical repertoire in all its richness. Thus, we explore Gregorian chant and all polyphony from the Middle Ages to the present day!

In addition to this practice, we also train in music, with lessons in music theory, singing, choir direction and many others!


L'esprit Lux

Ancel'esprit Lux

What is the Lux spirit?

"Fiat Lux" says our Creator, it's been three years since his wish came true!


Over the course of the activities: masses, weekends, prayer vigils, singing road and the rest, we saw a particular spirit arise within the choir, which made us happy to find ourselves again, the Lux spirit. The word "ambience" is too weak, "spirituality" is too strong, and again... Attempt to define this spirit by those who do it and who live it. 

"The Glory of God is the living man, and the life of man is the vision of God!"

(Saint Irenaeus of Lyons, Book 4)

"The Lux spirit" is a spirit of friendship that brings together young people around a common project: that of singing the Glory of God!

Lux Amoris is a FAMILY!

We sing there, we eat there, we sometimes sleep there, we progress there and we come out grown up, and all under the benevolent gaze of God.

What makes us special, what makes the extraordinary spirit of Lux, is the fact that we are not simply friends who sing together for the Good Lord.

We like to spend time together playing, dancing, singing, doing work. If it was singing that brought us together in the first place, we are in fact more than a choir, and real friendships are also created thanks to the weekends where we do not just sing.

When you talk to anyone in the choir, everyone agrees that this understanding, this friendship, this family and good-natured atmosphere is alluring. Being at Lux makes you happy because it's not just a choir you go to when you have time on Thursday evenings. We are committed to each other.


Lux Amoris is more than a choir, it's  also more than just a group of friends with whom I share my faith and my passion. Lux Amoris is my second family! Everyone makes the others grow through their faith, their involvement in the choir, their spirit of charity and fraternity, their gift of self...

All together we grow and act - with the beauty of sacred music as a vector - for the same ultimate goal, the greater glory of God!


— Name, title

LXAM_RENTREE_03-04102020_007 (2).jpg

"The Lux spirit" is the beauty of the song, the welcome and the friendship, and the great joy that results from all this.


Lux Amoris is a group of friends who meet up every Thursday evening to sing and pray to God. All together, we work to make our songs something beautiful!

But it's not just that: it's also good times with friends, especially around a good meal, a board game, or  just to chat!

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