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Choeur Lux Amoris



We work every Thursday evening at the parish of St Roch (Paris 1er). The rehearsals are composed of a prayer time, a Gregorian rehearsal part, a polyphonic rehearsal part.

One rehearsal per month, a period of training revolves around important knowledge for liturgical service (History of the Church and of the liturgy, place of singing at Mass, place and spiritual life of the chorister).


We organize a Weekend per quarter, centered on the choristers, with times of formation, a life of prayer and the singing service offered at a parish mass.

A highlight for friendship within the choir, these Weekends join Psalm 132:

See how good and joyful it is for brothers to be together.




Our work is put into practice through various liturgical services. Many masses in the Paris region in both forms of the Roman rite, wedding masses, vespers etc...

We had the opportunity to collaborate with the Messe Inter-Scout de Paris, the Association de la Noblesse Française, the Messe des Chœurs, the Schola Sainte-Cécile among others, also to sing in beautiful buildings such as the cathedral of Amiens, the Sacred Heart of Montmartre, the Church of Saint-Jacques in Antwerp.

We have at heart on every occasion, to serve the Church and to carry the prayer of the assembly.

The team

Mathias Théry Lux Amoris

Mathias Thery


Trained at the CRR d'Ile de France and at the Chœur Grégorien de Paris


Blanche Parpaillon

Gregorian Leader

Trained at the Gregorian Choir of Paris

Abbaye de Lagrasse

Father Raphael


Canon of Sainte Marie de Lagrasse Abbey

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