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Notre-Dame de Triors Abbey

Notre-Dame de Triors Abbey was founded in 1984 by the Abbey of Fontgombault, and like it belongs to the Solesmes Congregation, heir to Dom Guéranger, restorer of Benedictine life in France after the Revolution.

At the school of St. Benedict, the monks of Triors, who currently number a little over forty, strive to lead their contemplative life in a spirit of prayer, silence, humility, obedience and brotherly love. Liturgical life brings them together eight times a day in the abbey church to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Divine Office, offering them the opportunity to draw on the priceless treasure of Gregorian chant, a privileged servant of the beauty of the mysteries of salvation. In the early 2000s, the Community of Triors recorded 13 CDs covering the entire repertoire of the Sundays of the liturgical year, with the aim of helping liturgical choirs to train or perfect their skills in the liturgical practice of Gregorian chant.

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