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The Lux Amoris Route

Walk, chant, pray... what more?

Born less than a year after the choir, the road is a way to give another dimension to work and to "the Lux spirit". The physical effort of walking strengthens the bonds, each year we discover a region, its landscapes, its villages and its parishes and we can give a more missionary dimension to our singing. The route is also open to everyone, whatever your region, your age or your musical level, at the Lux route, motivation is the only criterion!



Walk as a team in the morning, for surpassing oneself and getting to know each other. Between 10 and 15 km per day and with the big bags that follow in the truck;)


Singing and formation time in the afternoon, for the beauty, the progress of each one and the mission.

The chants come from the entire repertoire of the Church (from Gregorian to Emmanuel!)


  • Mass and Compline every day

  • Accompaniment by two nuns from the Consolation Convent and by a diocesan priest.

  • Evening prayer vigils to which locals are invited.

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This year, we meditated on the theme of Mercy through the message of the Virgin Mary to Pellevoisin.

​Between the topos and the musical program, we were rocked by this theme and everyone was able to immerse theirheart  of that of the merciful Christ.

Les routes précédentes


Lagrasse - 2019

Sur le thème des Anges, nous avons marché sous le soleil des Corbières, avant de passer quelques jours à l'abbaye de Lagrasse pour y chanter notre veillée de prière finale.


Sainte Anne d'Auray

Sur le thème de "Marie, mère de l'Eglise", nous avons marché dans le Morbihan et découvert le chant en breton et le cidre !


Pellevoisin - 2021

En 2021 nous avons médité sur le thème de la Miséricorde à travers le message de la Vierge Marie à Pellevoisin.

Entre les topos et le programme musical, nous étions bercés par ce thème et chacun a pu plonger son cœur dans celui du Christ miséricordieux.

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