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Lux Amoris is a liturgical choir created in 2018, which aims to promote sacred singing and the training of choristers. By putting ourselves at the service of Beauty, we seek to give the best of ourselves in order to carry the prayer of men, to give glory to God, and to allow Him to attract souls to Him.

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Walk, chant, pray... what more?

The physical effort of walking strengthens the bonds, each year we discover a region, its landscapes, its villages and its parishes and we can give a more missionary dimension to our singing.

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The Gregorian retreat takes place at a key time of the year, in the liturgical time of Christmas (on the passage of the New Year) when the Gregorian repertoire is well worth learning, knowing and loving, to be better transmitted afterwards. .

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Over the course of the activities: masses, weekends, prayer vigils, singing road and the rest, we saw a particular spirit arise within the choir, which made us happy to find ourselves again, the Lux spirit. Attempt to define this spirit by those who do it and live it.

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